Curatolo Cartoons: Educational Comix Vol.1


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These are illustrated stories in full color and are written for a specific grade level. They are short and concise with all the necessary facts the students require. It’s a great tool to help them retain important facts.

  •  Quick: Short visual lessons with important facts
  •  Simple: Engages students on their level
  •  Resources: Includes questionnaires for each lesson

You will find in the collection topics like “History of Democracy, The Renaissance, Japan: The Edo Era, The Louis Riel Story” just to name a few in this 6-story collection. Educate and entertain your students at the same time.

All content is based upon Canada's provincial curriculums, with direct input from teachers themselves. This ensures we are creating relevant content that you will actually use. Get units sent to your class, library, or homeschooling group for any amount of students. This 40 page book is printed on heavy duty stock, meant to last and reuse over the years to come.