How To Properly Interpret Editorial Cartoons
For Canadian History And Social Studies

What happens when you combine History or Social Studies with editorial cartoons?
You have a fun, innovative and successful way of teaching your classes.

Former Sun Media cartoonist Fred Curatolo will show the kids how it’s done. Whether it’s provincial or national news, government history or current events, Fred will bring fun to the topic of your choice, engaging young minds in critical thinking through class discussions, topical debates and cartooning assignments. This is a unique way of provoking thought, and through art, allowing students to learn and create at the same time. Critical thinking has never been so much fun!

What To Expect

I use a smart board to present different cartoons based on current events and describe the formulas and techniques used to produce each one. From there, I engage the class in group discussions on either current events or I tie it into what they are covering in Social Studies or History. I demonstrate and draw for them, then they get to draw. As well, you’ll be provided with learning resources based on the classes for the students to refer to.

What You’ll Need

In terms of equipment required, I use a smart board, computer with a jpeg viewer and a whiteboard or easel for demonstration. The students use blank 8.5 by 11 inch blank paper, pencils and erasers.


Here's a list of prices for you to look at:

One hour $220.00
Half day $330.00
Full day $525.00

*Please note that travel fees are extra and negotiable
For more information/bookings please contact Fred at: curatolocartoons [at] gmail [dot] com or (780) 200-8263 

Fully insured, WCB and Police Records Check


"Students better understand the medium of political/editorial cartoons and are better equipped to decipher the issues and messages within."

Al Nichol, Lorne Akins School

"I gave the kids the learning resources that [Fred] provided and they really enjoyed them. They did quite well on the exam."

David Hunt, Edith Rogers School

"With Fred’s extensive experience in the world of political cartoons he provides the students with an excellent overview on how to interpret, analyze and understanding these illustrated materials. I highly recommend him visiting your classrooms!"

Johnny Villella, Cardinal Leger Junior High School

"Fred was able to provide insightful reflections of his experiences with media in Canada and he provided 'hands-on' experiences for our to students... From walking students through the design elements to helping them to visually represent their opinions, Fred was an essential ingredient for our students academic success this year."

Andrew M. Breckenridge, Memorial Composite High School