Graphic Novels

Welcome to my graphic novel section which is specifically designed to educate and entertain students through the use of graphic storytelling.
With Graphic Novels today being so popular with students, it's a great method to captivate your students imaginations and use as a teaching tool.

When touring schools, I've noticed these novels have helped tremendously with the students comprehension and retention of the unit.


The excellent Graphic Novel telling course that Fred Curatolo offers, allows students to challenge their Social Studies skills and understanding of global issues as an active citizen in our ever changing globalizing world. The course allowed students to be engaged and responsible to play different roles in our world and allowed them to understand the global impact they have in our world. They played roles as a CEO, factory worker, activist, consumer, and many more roles that influence the global economy.
My class is a French Immersion Social Studies class and the students participated and worked both in English and French, students were able to enthusiastically participate either way. Fred Curatolo allowed students to be enlightened on many issues and allowed them to have a greater understanding and knowledge on the Social Studies issue of globalization. Students were able to write their essays more in depth and apply the knowledge that Fred Curatolo taught them to their work.

Richard Ward
Social Studies Teacher, Paul Kane High School, Edmonton

Fred provided such an enriching experience for students and teachers alike. What he did was move political and editorial cartoons away from a strictly “in- class activity” to a real-life experience. The students will surely remember their experience next time they stumble upon a cartoon, whether that be on a test or when reading the news. It was a very reasonable price for what we got out of it, and we will be booking him to come again next year!

Jennifer Connolly
Calgary French & International School 


I gave the kids the learning resources that [Fred] provided and they really enjoyed them. They did quite well on the exam.

David Hunt
Edith Rogers School